Our Markets

WTC is focused on mid-to-large-scale wind turbines. The advantage of our turbine design — reduction of fatigue loads on the structure — increases with turbine size.

The large turbine market is far and away the biggest segment of the wind turbine market by value and generating capacity. Wind turbines compete in this market with other sources of electricity generation. As a result they must be cost competitive.

To date, turbine manufacturers have chosen to rely on government subsidies to enhance their competitive position. While some form of subsidy might be necessary for new technology to enter a market, eventually there must be a technology solution that stands on its own. We are pleased to offer such a solution.

Our Initial Focus

The challenge with new wind turbine technology is to prove technical and economic viability.

To accomplish this, our initial focus is on opportunities to install turbines as standalone units or in small clusters, where the machines compete against grid or retail-priced electricity.

We have identified a significant opportunity to deploy our first commercial wind turbines. For this market segment we will offer a 100kW turbine specifically targeted at low-wind-speed installations. Specifications for this turbine can be found here. If you have such an application or are interested in learning more please contact us.

Long-Term Focus

As mentioned above, our comparative advantage increases with the size of the turbine. This will lead us to larger turbines suitable for low-cost onshore windfarm applications, and to even larger turbines for offshore applications.